The Lord showed me so many struggling to stay above water…drowning in their own sea of thoughts…struggling to just keep their head above water, to just… breathe.  They were absolutely overwhelmed, exhausted with trying to survive the waves that would push and current that would pull them under.


Just keep SWIMMING!!! Look up and swim to the surface!  Bring your head above water!  Break through the surface!! You are not drowning, despite how you feel!  You have made it to the surface!  Now BREATHE!

Each time you go under, you will rise to the top again!  You are not the sum of what you feel.  You are not drowning!  He is throwing you a Life Preserver.  Stop wasting your energy paddling and flailing about…yield and GRAB HOLD!  Grab hold of Truth!!

Then there was a change of scene…a battle field. Thousands of flaming arrows flying through the air. It was the battle field of your mind. Pay attention, you must choose a side.  Your preservation comes with your yield! To slow and track your thoughts is your greatest tool. The Lord gave you free will, to choose! Although, for Peace you must choose Him…you must choose to grab hold of that Preserver.  To choose Preservation is wisdom!  Choose Him!  Over and over and over!!  He is your King, He is your protector and defender!  No one, no man…no woman will do better than He! Let Him fight your battles.  Your posture is rest.  See, it is in your rest you are able to track those thoughts (those fiery darts).  

“In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one;”

Ephesians 6:16

It is at this point you are able to see who launches those darts and track right where they land!  Track down how you got to that thought.  Go through each thought, do an inventory.  How did you get to that thought?  What triggered it? How did you get caught or trapped in that thought? Know Truth! Identify TRUTH and go back to it.  You are not the sum of what you are thinking and feeling right now…you are the sum of what He thinks and says you are!

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