A New Look

The Lord is redesigning His church. He is giving it a new look from the inside out. Stop thinking it will look as it did before all of this. No matter how hard you work to keep up the old pace, it just won’t work. Stop doing, get still, listen….there are things you will have to speak to that you have never had to before. It will require less of you and more of Him.

He’s going to do things on a huge scale with the smallest of things and moments in time. Best of all, it will be with the most unlikely people.

There will be talks with His people amongst the cushions of the couch, that could not have taken place in the sanctuary, hallways, or offices. Talks challenging each other as to why we are here and what the task at hand is.

There will be walks in the neighborhoods that will go for miles, because of never wanting the content of the conversation to end. These are conversations that while wearing out the soles of one’s shoes, they will be challenging each other to go deeper within and discover the very makeup of one’s soul.

There will be all day teachings and discussions that bring so much expectation to the new thing God is doing. The teachings will not necessarily be guided by one but by THE ONE, with multiple contributors.

We won’t recognize this church because it’s nothing like what He was doing before. He knows the heart of His people better than we do, and He is meeting their every need just as He intended…through His church. #Heisredesigningthechurch #wewontrecognizeit #somethingnew #theOne #straightenmycrown

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