Season of Shift

There is a shift coming. If we are not postured for it, we will miss it and yet not even know we missed it.  His divine presence, His Shekinah glory is hovering, just as it did in Ezekiel…waiting on His church to respond to His very visible presence…His glory.  

He is waiting to take His church into a new time (an indefinite progress).  “New”…meaning, never seen before.  Something that is NOT created by man.  He is waiting…hovering to take His church into a deeper awareness of Him.  A deeper awareness of His immeasurable excellence…His righteousness…His holiness. There is a posture to take to receive this shift.  It is a posture of willingness and obedience.  A willingness to pursue a knowledge of Him that some see as unattainable for themselves.  A willingness to make Him our main Priority in life.  To be intentional and where He becomes a very organic part of our life.  Where He begins to harmoniously fit together in life, as a necessary part of a whole…making His people whole…bringing reconciliation to holiness amongst His people. 

This willingness & obedience is not governed by time, emotions, circumstances, prior commitments, or seasons.  This willingness is an abandonment of all pride, be it in the form of self preservation, fault-finding, superficiality, defensiveness, desperation for attention, or even presumptuous thoughts.  

He has brought His people into a season of slow…a season of solitude…anonymity.  A season some crucial players are not understanding because they are too busy and feel if they stop doing, nothing will get done.   When it is in this season, the Lord will reveal all that He will do in a state of our true surrender.  This is not a slowing of just doing, but a slowing of the mind.  He desires to teach us how to track our thoughts.  A surrender of the mind and thoughts.  He desires to give His people new sight.  We are going into 2020…that is 20/20 vision…a year of new sight….clear sight of themselves and those around them.  

He desires to reshape and redefine the culture of the church.  Where the culture is thick, it is one He did not authorize.  It is a worldly culture that has manipulated it’s ways through the doors of the church, where it is no longer recognized as wrong but chalked up and laughed off as being just the way things are. The phrase “boys will be boys” comes to mind.  When raising boys, they do things that while might be inappropriate at times, the world says are just part of being a boy.  Although, they do things naturally that can be inappropriate or rough, does that mean as parents we disregard, do not address or correct just because the world has defined that behavior as part of being a boy.  The parent has the option to reshape that culture and to teach how to treat people within their home.  To hold their son to a higher standard, a holy standard…set apart. To teach what is good and right and true in the eyes of God.  ——>Ephesians 5:1-21<——

I heard…“My people continue to set up idols in their heart.  They keep toying and playing with sin, yet at the same time wanting to be a men and women of God. They go through rituals every Sunday putting up a false front, yet they have false idols in their heart.  Anything put before Me is an idol…ANYTHING put before Me is a god.  I am waiting on you to abandon all idols and approach the mercy seat.”

He is a patient God.  He is a jealous God.  If we do not take the posture to respond to Him, His Shekinah glory will depart and His hand will lift.

We rise when we kneel. We go to that new level…not the next level…a new level…one never obtained before.  We are to go from glory to glory…strength to strength. 

God is a generational and relational God…His Word is written generationally and relationally.  I might suggest, He is trying to get us to look at how the culture in areas has impacted the church generationally and relationally.  To slow down an see the pattern, address generational curses and blessings as a whole but as individuals as well.  These are the very things that ignite legacies and destinies with His people.  It is an unearthing  and understanding of a deeper identity and awareness within.  It is a teaching of self awareness and an awareness of His presence.

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