Clear Vision


Church, could it be that in our season of wait, we have just not?  That the Lord has actually had us, the church body, in a very long season of wait but we have just not had the health to feel or vision to see it?  We have allowed ourselves to be so overcome by busy-ness, doing, and going at such a high rates of speed, that our sight has been blurred and our health has been compromised?  That in the moments we have felt an increase in heart rate, or what we thought was excitement and eagerness, it was actually a warning sign that something unhealthy was happening?

Could it be that our eagerness for what or who is next has trumped what God really desires us to wait on…only prolonging this season of wait?  Only prolonging growth, and I don’t mean in size.  In our eagerness to fill the spots that were empty, we have promoted or self promoted, when God did not authorize that promotion.  Those spots weren’t meant to be filled with what man put there.  Those spots weren’t actually empty, they were filled with something so divine, that it could be seen or understood by man.

Maybe we saw the potential for leadership and mistaken it for the character of leadership?  

In the past, we have been to the Great Physician and had our examination, insuring that all the moving parts are as they should be.  Functioning and operating like a fine oiled machine.  Now we are afraid to take it before the Physician, we are in denial of what’s really happening.  We are afraid to get the not-so-excellent report back.  All the while, the appearance on the inside is not what it looks like on the outside.  

Have we done the FULL examination of our body?  What’s the condition of the heart?  Maybe it’s not beating at full capacity or as healthy as we thought?  Is there an undetected murmur? An irregular heartbeat?

Have we had an examination of the eyes?  Are we squinting just to get by with same prescription we’ve always had.  We are leaning in just enough to make out a form of what we think should be there and going with that.  Has our vision been so blurred?  Has it been so blurred that we have possibly missed something or mistaken something for what isn’t?  Maybe we not seen what truly is ailing us.

Church, the Lord is giving you new vision…He is slowly revealing His 20/20 vision.  He desires to give you that new vision.  He is and has been  speaking to a blurred vision.  He is allowing you to see what has been blurred or missed…what has not been Kingdom vision…or the heartbeat of the Kingdom. Posture yourselves!  Go to the Great Physician and allow Him to give you new spectacles and a healthy heartbeat!  





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