The Anticipation of the New Testament

The Old Testament anticipates what the New Testament explains.  Even though they are separated by languages, cultures and centuries together the two are one story – the story of God and how He made us, how He loves us and how He sent His Son to save us.  Looking at Romans 8, it holds the essential passages containing the tools needed to the process of conforming to the image of Jesus Christ.  Paul’s objective was to encourage the Jews and Gentiles in the faith.  To teach them that righteousness comes through faith, through a lifestyle of faith.  That we received grace through obedience of faith, therefore glorifying God for His mercy in our journey to obedience.

God is referred to as the Father, first of all, because once you become a believer, you have a new standing before Him.  While unbelievers are offspring of God, only because He created them, they have not received the Spirit of Adoption (vs. 15).

When someone believes in Christ Jesus as his/her Savior, his estate goes from condemnation to a privileged sonship.  This new standing gives all believers  the legal right and spiritual privileges of sonship or “heirs to God and joint heirs with Christ” (vs 17).

This relationship soon emulates a lot of the same characteristic of the relationship with an earthly father and family.  Starting with the birth of a new child, the child finding comfort and relationship in the father, the father’s care for the child, the father’s discipline of the child and then it even carries over into receiving new brothers and sisters.  The Father-child relationship  with God is solely grounded on Christ’s sonship (vs 17).

There are a wealth of gifts and blessings that come within the New Testament but salvation and sanctification are the most rewarding.

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